About The Price

Objectives and Purposes of an electrical contractor are to make a profit,
being able to stay in business.
Successful electrical Contractor, by definition, must provide:
A quality service at a competitive price that is marginally greater than its cost.
Let's back up a bit and review some "service-selling” fundamentals facts:
Sale of a service is basically a sale of specialized time...
Someone with a specific knowledge or ability sells his time to deliver solutions required by a "client."
However, nobody explains the components that adding or subtracting to the cost of the service.
We will try to do exactly that!
Proving that it’s possible to deliver a great service, at a normal price, based on an essentially different management concept of a business, where electricians work for themselves and not for the boss…
Among many other components that raise the service price, main price adding components are:

Someone has to pay for the expenses above… working with others , very probably you might be the one!!!